Information For Pet Owners About An Ultrasound Examination

What is an Ultrasound Examination? Ultrasound examination is a way to examine the patient’s body without any surgical intervention. The ultrasound machine uses a technology which sends sound waves to the organs and catches the sound waves that are reflected back and these waves are reflected on the screen as images. Just like dolphins and bats do. It is impossible for us to hear the sound waves during the scan as their frequency is too high for our hearing threshold. Therefore, it is a quiet procedure. It is considered to be harmless enough to be used in human medicine for a long time during pregnancy and routine checks of babies. What can and cannot I find out during an ultrasound scan? The ultrasound scan provides us valuable information about the location, shape, tissue, and blood buildup of internal organs however it cannot reveal sufficient information about the inspected organ’s function. For a functional evaluation of the internal organs, we need more specific imaging techniques and blood tests. Besides, although ultrasounds are quite capable of detecting masses in the abdominal cavity or on any organ, it cannot reveal whether the mass is benign or malignant. For that distinction, one needs to perform a fine need aspiration biopsy during an ultrasound scan or a small tissue biopsy. Why should the patient not eat before a scan? The patient should definitely be hungry for an ultrasound examination. A full stomach prevents some organs in the upper abdominal area from being defined clearly. Patient should not have eaten for the last 8-12 hours and not have drunk water for the last 3 hours. Why do we shave the patient? For the best ultrasound image, the ultrasound probe should have direct contact with the skin. The ultrasound machine does not respond well to air bubbles between the two. That is why after shaving, a gel is spread on the area which eliminates the air bubbles. The shaved area will return to its former state in 3-4 weeks. What exactly happens during the ultrasound examination? The ultrasound examination lasts for 30-45 minutes. The patient is placed on her back on the table and the area to be examined is shaved. Usually the patients allow us to go through with the procedure without any difficulty. They do not feel any pain during the examination. If they are comfortable with the examination, it is preferable for the owners to remain outside the room so as not to distract the patient. Rarely does the patient resist strongly, and under those circumstances various tranquilizers can be used if their health condition does not pose any problems. If you believe that will be the case, it is best to share it with your veterinary before you come to your appointment for the examination. After the scan, we will e-mail you the ultrasound report along with the ultrasound images so that you can also keep your pet’s health records as we do. — Dr. Özlem C. Egeden, DVM Dr. Evrim Egeden, DVM Ada Veterinary Polyclinic Sülün Street no: 14 1. Levent 34330 Beşiktaş İstanbul 0212 324 67 32/33
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