Locomotion Problem In Leishmania

Sahra is 4-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff Today she came to our clinic with complaints of long-standing itching and weight loss. Blood tests show increase in her globulin levels. We think that she might have leishmaniasis cosidering her moderate anemia and lympodenopathy. We sent blood samples to the laboratory for IFA test to see her immunoglobulin levels and, just in case, we started first-line medical treatment. We hope she will recover immediately and turn back to her home. (24.03.2015)
-------------------- Update (28.03.2015)
We received Sahra’s lab results. The IgG test results are proved to be positive by IFA method. We don’t need to look for the IgM because it is very hard to detect IgM positive. Although the clinical examination and the laboratory findings and positive IgG are sufficient to diagnose the desease, for an exact diagnosis we were supposed to see the amastigote form of leishmania in the lymph taken through needle aspiration. Leishmania is curable as long as it is diagnosed early. Although leismania is a common clinical manifestation, the abnormal locomotion in Sahra’s case is a symptom that we observed for the first time. Regardless of her medical condition, we believe that she will recover. Wish her luck!
------------------------- 2. Update (31.03.2015)
Sahra is discharged ^^ As you see in the video now she is much better. Her treatment has not finished yet, she will be on medication for 6 months. As we say to all our patients, hope to see you again Sahra! But do not fall ill, come only to visit us :)
Locomotion Problem In Leishmania
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