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Ada Veteriner Poliyclinic, Ada Veterinary Polyclinic was established in 2006 in Levent, Istanbul. The founding physicians Özlem Calp and Evrim Egeden transformed the establishment into every day open polyclinic soon after its establishment. Its name was inspired by the name of their Bull Terrier dog, Ada. In addition to vaccination-appointment services, diagnostic tools such as comprehensive laboratory tests, digital x-ray, ultrasonography and ECG are routinely utilized in our clinic. Complicated surgical operations that require specialization are carried out successfully with modern equipment in the comfort of closed-circuit anesthesia system. Proficient and experienced professors in their fields advise polyclinic physicians and take part in operations in necessary cases. Oxygen and intensive care units provide comfortable awakening in the postoperative period and follow-up of critically ill patients is done safely. There are always veterinarians in business in our clinic. Upon request, you can make use of our take home service by making an appointment by phone, and you can get services such as vaccination at home. Pet hairdresser service is also available in Ada Veterinary.
ADA VETERINARY POLYCLINIC Levent Mah. Sülün Sk. No:14 1. Levent - Beşiktaş / İstanbul Tel : 0212 324 67 32 Tel : 0212 324 67 33 Gsm: 0530 403 55 05 E-posta: [email protected] Web: www.adaveteriner.com Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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